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Until now every plan purchased from our customers has gone smoothly , the Brominer Money Back Guarantee ensures that buyers receive the service or the plan they ordered as agreed or get their money back.

Investors can use the Brominer Money Back Guarantee when:

-A plan is purchased and the user has not started getting his payouts as promised

-A plan is purchased and not getting the payouts on time


-When a client requests Money-Back we will send only the amount he has invested

-The client can not request Money-Back if everything goes as Agreed

-The client can not request Money-Back if the user has reached over 50% of their plan

brominer Money Back Guarantee timelines

-When the user requests a Money-Back we will send back the money within 7 days

Refunds to buyers

-We refund buyers via Bitcoin or Monero. If a buyer doesn't have a Bitcoin or Monero wallet, we ask the buyer to create one to claim their refund.

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